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Where should the DJ set up?

It is recommended that you put the DJ table in front of the dance floor and not have tables directly in front of the DJ table. This is where the speakers will be! Since we will be using professional-grade equipment, it will probably be too loud for elderly people to be seated near the DJ's set-up. We recommend that you seat them at he opposite side of the room.

What will we need to provide for an outdoor function?

An eight (8)-foot banquet table, grounded electricity, and protection from the elements, such as an awning, porch, or at least a 12-foot tent. If the tent is not sturdy or providing proper protection, the DJ may have to stop during inclement weather.

Should we tip the DJ?

Tipping is acceptable and appreciated if you are pleased with the level of service the DJ has provided.

Will the DJ take requests?

This is also common, but it is up to the discretion of the contracting party to let the DJ know in advance what they do not want played-e.g., rap, offensive lyrics (which many rap songs contain), etc. Occasionally, the DJ will exercise professional discretion to not play some requests, e.g., when only an hour left, everybody is dancing and an obscure song is requested.

Wedding Questions

Will the DJ be having dinner?

Since the DJ will be trying to entertain your guests as soon as they finish dining, it is suggested that the DJ dine, if possible, right after the head table is served.

Will he do formal announcements?

The DJ will normally do formal announcements; however, sometimes the banquet hall staff will make them.
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