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There seems to be a trend to have a friend of a friend who just bought a digital camera to "try out" wedding photography on your big day - we've heard about these stories where their equipment breaks down, the photos are accidentally erased, or none of the pic's turn out, and you can't re-create the biggest day of your life. Not to mention the strain on the friendship.

Also, if it turns out that this amateur photographer has talent and improves vastly before your wedding, they may get many offers for hundreds of dollars, to start doing OTHER weddings, including your big day. Suddenly the person can't make it to your wedding and you have to pay thousands for a last minute professional. You would be surprised how often this happens!

A professional DJ and photographer will reserve your wedding by a contract and carry back-up equipment.

What do you get with our DJ / Wedding Photographer package?
A professional DJ, a wedding photographer and 2 copies of all photos on digital CD's, with a custom slipcase, as shown here:

Preserve your memories with our optional Abbey Road Hardback Custom Wedding Album

Rates for the DJ Industry varies greatly, ranging from $350.00 to $2,000.00 for a 4 hour booking. The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As a matter of fact, surveys conclude that nearly 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority in hindsight

So How Much Is A Professional DJ Worth?

A survey by “Modern Bride” magazine determined the following...

What Were The Most Important Factors In Your Wedding Reception's Success?

57% Music / Entertainment
22% Food & Beverage
13% Facility / Banquet Hall
8%  Other Factors

What Was The Percentage Breakdown Of Your Wedding Reception Costs?

60% Food & Beverage
20% Other Factors
15% Facility / Banquet Hall
5%   Music / Entertainment